Monday, October 10, 2011

What do you see? ....

It has been a long couple of months pulling this project together, but it has been great seeing how it has all come together.

For those who haven't been following our many face book posts here is a little about the project.

(the post card)

Our first install was at 201 Hull street which is just over the Mayo bridge as you come into Manchester from downtown richmond. The building in the background is one of the newly renovated factory buildings. Much of the south side of this neighborhood was originally strictly industrial but is slowly becoming residential, office spaces, and mix use.

Our second install was at Tricycle gardens, a very successful community garden located in the neighborhood. We didn't get quite the foot traffic of the other site but was happy that some people that had seen the style weekly article and were interested in what we were doing came out to talk with us about what they wanted to see in the area.


One of my favorite parts of the kiosk is a drawing box, in which you can sketch right over the view in front of you what you would rather see there. This was one of the sketches from Saturday.

We have gotten some great ideas so far. On this wall is the drawings, pictures, notes and ideas added by the visitors as well as more information about the neighborhood.

Next weekend is our last install in Manchester. We will be at the Hull Street Library from 10-4. If you are interested, please stop by and tell us what you think. We will also be set up in the Exhibition all at ArchEx November 2-4th and presenting November 3rd. 

If you are no where near Richmond but still interested check out our Facebook page:

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