Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm really not sure why I love this holiday so much. I don't dive deep into the true meanings and history of the holiday itself but love the fun loving, creative, candy eating phenomenon it has become today. I love making costumes, carving pumpkins, and handing out candy to all the kids in their cute costumes. So here is a little sampling of Halloweens past.


The Riddler and the Butterfly

Van Gough's Starry Night Painting

J, B, and I all went as paintings. And everyone else had fun dressing up too!

Our House

Got to run in the very first Survive norfok. Unfortunately my brains were eaten and I did become a zombie
but we sure had fun doing it!


Wicked Witch of the East  (wizard of oz scene)

This was a little abstract. The dress was the house, window earrings, door necklace, yellow brick road headband, and "tornado" hair. I thought it was fun though. 

Mr. Swirly pumpkin

2008 - I was moving to Virginia on Halloween and did not get to celebrate :(

Peacock tail

and Peacock make-up

Van Gough's "Cafe Terrace at Night" pumpkin

 and you have to love giving your mid-semester reviews in costume in red barn...a time honored tradition

Strawberry Short Cake
70's go-go dancers out at Liqour Treat :)

starry night pumpkin

Made it into an article in Southern Living and now part of their Pumpkin carving slide show

and maybe I can think my mother and Grandmother for why I still love it so much

Happy Halloween all!

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